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Instructional Tapes - Full Bronze and Full Silver

Full Bronze - 10 Steps

Basic and Turning Basic

Open Break with Underarm Turn

Open 5th Position Breaks

Promenade Walk

Hesitation with Leg Crawl

Double Break

Left side-by-side Break

Inside Pass


Sliding Door


Full Silver - 10 Steps

Contra Check


Turkish Towel

Right Pivot

Check and Side Breaks

Pivot and Ronde

Inclination Oversway

Open Break Fan and Spin

Double Break Oversway Spin Group

Sliding Door Grouping

Total time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes!




Full Bronze, or Full Silver, for only $25.00

Full Bronze

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Full Silver

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SPECIAL: Order together and save!  Get all 20 steps, Full Bronze and Full Silver

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Learn the Bolero with Scott.  The Bolero is often called "The Dance of Love", with plenty of flirtation and seduction in the styling.  The music has a slow and dreamy tempo.

These videos contain the full Bronze and Silver levels of the Bolero.  That’s a total of 20 steps - 1 hour and 55 minutes of instruction!  No matter how you measure it - number of steps, or time of instruction, these tapes represent the best value in Bolero instruction on the Internet! 

Each step is presented from several different views on this instructional dance video.  First, the man’s step is presented from several angles; then the lady’s step is presented.  Finally, each step is demonstrated with the man and lady together.  This has proven to be a very effective way of teaching you to dance!  Even if you’ve tried other dance videos, or have taken dance lessons, you’ll find that you will be successful with our videos.

Video Sample

This video sample will show you how to do the first step in the Full Bronze Bolero.  One view of the man’s step and one view of the lady’s step are shown, and one view of the demonstration.  This is a small portion of the presentation of the first step that is shown on the video.


This sample is edited for content, and the quality is significantly reduced
for reasonable download times.


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