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Single Swing DVD

Foxtrot/Waltz DVD

Tango, Mambo/Salsa, Merengue DVD

Samba / Hustle DVD

Latin Motion DVD

Argentine Tango DVD

Single Swing


Salsa, Merengue

4 Count Hustle

Latin Motion

Argentine Tango

Samba Rumba ChaCha  DVD
Foxtrot / Waltz II DVD
Bolero DVD
Hustle DVD
Salsa II, Merengue II DVD
Swing / Rumba / ChaCha DVD

Triple Swing, Rumba,
 Cha Cha II

Waltz II


Full Bronze 3 Count Hustle

Salsa II,
Merengue II

Triple Swing, Rumba,
Cha Cha

We are certain you will find our instructional videos fun and the dances easy to learn.  Whether you have tried to learn from a video before or not, we know you will be successful with our videos.  With professional ballroom dancer and teacher, Scott Swad , you will soon find yourself on your way to enjoying a lifetime of touch dancing.

DVDs Available

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Associate Bronze

Full Bronze






Foxtrot / Waltz

Steps 1-5 of both

Steps 6 - 10 of both


Samba / 4 Count Hustle

Steps 1 - 5 of both



Triple Swing / Rumba / ChaCha

Steps 1-5 of each

Steps 6 - 10 of each


Tango / Mambo-Salsa / Merengue

Steps 1 - 5 of each



Salsa II


Steps 6 - 16


Merengue II


Steps 6 - 13


Argentine Tango

Steps 1 - 11


Single Swing

Steps 1 - 10


3 Count Hustle

Steps 1 - 10



Steps 1 - 10

Steps 11 - 20

Latin Motion

Enhance your dancing with our Latin Motion and Styling Video

There are 5 videos/DVDs in the Associate Bronze series.  Each contains 5 steps for 2 or 3 dances, as shown above.  Every step is taught for both the man’s and lady’s parts. 

Ready to move on?  There are currently 4 DVDs in the Full Bronze + series.  Again, every step is taught for both the man’s and lady’s parts.  And if you want to learn the Bolero, we have a video that is the Full Bronze + and Silver.

Each step of each dance is presented from several views on these instructional DVDs.  First, the man’s step is presented from several angles; then the lady’s step is presented.   Finally, each step is demonstrated with the man and lady together.  This has proven to be a very effective way of teaching you to dance!  In addition to teaching you the steps, Scott intersperses several tips on leading / following, styling, etc.


Our DVDs are also available for wholesale. 
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