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Tango, Mambo, Merengue
Instructional Dance Video

Associate Bronze Level


Mambo - Salsa


Forward Walk

Mambo Basic

Chasse to Left

Promenade Walk

Turning Basic

Forward Walk

Medio Corte

Open Break - Underarm Turn

Left Rock Turn

Tango Rocks

Cross Over - Walkaround Turn

Promenade Walk

Flare Promenade

Back Breaks

Separation Walk

All 15 Steps, with both Man's and Lady's Parts, only $35.00   

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Continue to expand your Ballroom Dance skills with these three exciting Latin Dances.  First, you will learn to dance the Tango - the dance of love!  This tape will also teach you the Mambo / Salsa, so you can enjoy dancing to today’s modern Latin beats.  And, finally, the Merengue - a great fun dance.  You won’t have to beg out the next time your friends suggest spending the evening enjoying the excitement of the Latin Club!

Each step of each dance is presented from several views on this instructional video.  First, the man’s step is presented from several angles; then the lady’s step is presented.  Finally, each step is demonstrated with the man and lady together.  This has proven to be a very effective way of teaching you to dance!  In addition to teaching you the steps, Scott intersperses several tips on leading / following, styling, etc.


Video Samples

These video samples will show you how to do the first step in the Associate Bronze Tango, Mambo / Salsa, and Merengue.  One view of the man’s step and the lady’s step are shown, and one view of a dance demonstration.  This is a small portion of the presentation of the first steps that are shown on the video.


Mambo - Salsa


These samples are edited for content, and the quality is significantly reduced
for reasonable download times.  The actual videos are much better quality.


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