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3 Count Hustle

Instructional Video


Full Bronze

New!!! - Full Bronze 3 Count Hustle


Turning Basic

Underarm Turn Left


Reverse Basic

Alternating Underarm Turns

Side to Side

Whiplash A, B and C


Continuous Inside Turn with Cagny Finish

All 10 steps, in both man’s and lady’s parts  only $25.00  

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The Hustle is a fun and energetic dance!  Are you tired of standing around, watching others enjoying this fun dance?  With this tape, you will learn what you need to know to get out there and have enjoy yourself with your friends!

Hustle is closely related to the swing.  In 3 count Hustle the pattern repeats every three beats, so to 4 count music the accent changes continuously with respect to the pattern as the same step can fall either on a down or up beat.

Each step of each dance is presented from several views on this instructional video.  First, the man’s step is presented from several angles; then the lady’s step is presented.  Finally, each step is demonstrated with the man and lady together.  This has proven to be a very effective way of teaching you to dance!  In addition to teaching you the steps, Scott intersperses several tips on leading / following, styling, etc.

Video Sample

This video sample will show you how to do the first step in the 3 Count Hustle.  One view of the man’s step and one view of the lady’s step are shown, and one view of the demonstration.  This is a small portion of the presentation of the first step that is shown on the video.


This sample is edited for content, and the quality is significantly reduced
for reasonable download times.

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